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What is Riddle?
What is Riddle’s mission?
What are Riddle’s values?
How does the vetting process for talent work?
How quickly can I expect to see matching profiles?
What is your pricing model?
How does Riddle’s pricing work?
How does the payment process work?
How does Riddle ensure the quality of candidates?
How long does it typically take to fill a role with Riddle?
Can Riddle help with both permanent placements and temporary projects?
Are there any hidden or additional fees?
Can I negotiate the rates?
What happens if I decide to terminate the contract early?
How does Riddle ensure a good fit between me and potential roles?
How are the workspaces and other local perks facilitated?
Can I work part-time?
What is the typical duration of projects?
How is payment handled?
How much can I earn?
Can I meet other members?
Which perks does Riddle have for members?
Does Riddle subtract a fee from my rate?